Thursday, November 5, 2009

Idli (Steamed rice cakes)

I am a big fan of these Idlis.My grandma used to make it atleast 2 days in week. Its simple,easy to digest food.
Its mention in writing occurs in the kannada writing of shivakotiacharya in 920 A.D. They describes the preparation of idli by soaking the urad dal in butter milk.
1 cup slipt beans (Urad Dal)-soak in water for 8 hrs
2 cups Idli rava - washed
1/2 poha -washed
How to prepare:
Grind the urad dal by adding little water to nice paste.(Add cold water for more thickness).
Add Idli rava and poha and grind for few rounds.(Dont make it to fine paste) Mix all and salt.
Allow to frement for atleast 10-12hrs.
After its nicely frement(It expands 21/2times its original volume) add the batter to long steel glass Steam(before pouring grease the steel glass with little oil)and steam them for 15 mins.
Serve this with Podi or pudina chutney.

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